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Storage Devices June 11 2018

With today's devices getting smaller and smaller, the hardware inside them is also getting increasingly smaller in physical size.  Many modern devices are using a solid state hard drive, or SSD, to store your data.  While these SSD hard drives, storage space is often much smaller than with a traditional hard drive and to get a larger SSD you’d have to pay much more money.  On the upside, an SSD is more likely to last longer and can handle more bumps and movement than a traditional mechanical hard drive, and they’re incredibly light too!

Though, even an SSD can fail, meaning the potential loss of your personal data.  In some cases, people have backups of all of their information, and it pays to back it up.  Some people use an external hard drive, where the secondary hard drive is plugged into the computer using a USB cable and data is backed up to there on a regular basis.  Other people use cloud storage to protect themselves from losing everything.  In today’s society, there are many different types of cloud storage, from Google Drive to iCloud, and some of these are really easy to use!

Having a backup can save a headache in the future should something in your computer fails, and then everything can be restored and your computer will be just as it was before it broke down! Often when a computer comes into us, we find that the hard drive is the issue, either due to something installed on it going haywire or because of a mechanical fault.  In these cases, we back up the data to our large volume storage, repair the fault and then restore everything back. 


Even your mobile devices are able to be backed up, thanks to cloud storage as mentioned above.  As many of us know, our small electronics can fail from time to time, or maybe we get a new one and want all of our old stuff on it.  Thanks to this online storage, we can make a duplicate of everything on our much-loved device so that we can retrieve it later on.  While cloud storage in itself can cost a monthly fee for a decent amount, it doesn’t cost too much to back up the essential stuff, most often it can be free for a few GB.  With that in mind, you can at least back up your computer to a physical hard drive, such as an external hard drive, and keep that somewhere safe.  It would pay, however, to check on that drive often to ensure it’s still working well.

Office 365 Features October 31 2017

Office 365 – The Next

You may have heard about the growing capability of Cloud application based systems. Office 365 has quickly emerged as one of the most powerful cloud-based applications and we’re here to let you know just how good it is.



In the past, more than one person editing a single document at the same time in Office applications like Word, Excel or PowerPoint was almost impossible. Now, with Office 365, this is possible through OneDrive and SharePoint. When signed in you simply click share and you can start editing alongside co-workers, colleagues and friends.


Web App Access

Need to check emails, edit documents, or access your cloud storage on a different computer? Make use of the Web Apps and work from anywhere by logging into Office 365 in your browser.


Skype Integration

Skype is now integrated directly into all Office Applications allowing for communication through voice and video chat while you work! This extremely useful feature can allow for screen sharing and you can keep the chat going if when you close Office.


OneNote into Calendar Events

OneNote has numerous useful tools, and now you can put notes into your outlook calendar automatically simply by emailing the note to yourself. Outlook will convert the notes by taking down all the important and relevant info making things easier.


Huge Cloud Storage Space

With an Office 365 Subscription, you are provided with up to 1TB of cloud storage on OneDrive, this can be used however you see fit. Use OneDrive to keep backups of important documents and photos, then you can access them from any device you sign in to. Don’t forget the additional 50GB of dedicated email data storage meaning you will never need to worry about getting low on storage space.

Get an Office 365 subscription today! When you order from us we can provide fast and effective support by answering any questions you have and resolving any issues you run into with your office subscription, saving you the hassle of long wait times when dealing with Microsoft directly.

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