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Remote Tech Support

Sometimes it can be a real inconvenience having a problem with your computer, maybe its just a simple error message, virus or some other software issue that is causing you strife, but bringing the computer in to the shop, having to disconnect the cables and hook it all back up is just not your cup of tea. We have the solution for you, Remote Tech Support - now available to home users and small to medium businesses.

Remote support is a service we offer to solve most software issues on your computer, our technicians are able to see your screen and control your keyboard and mouse from our office while you sit back and watch us work our magic, or you may even use the time to get more important things done.

To do this we just get you to run a simple small download from the link below which creates the session between your computer and our technicians, it's totally secure, password protected and encrypted, and as soon as we're finished, the session is closed and unable to be accessed again without you specifically running the program (which generates a new password every time).

Three Simple Steps

  1. Call our office and discuss your problem with our technicians, our phone number is (07) 838 2800, we will then let you know if it is a problem we can solve remotely for you.


Remote Support sessions are charged in 30 minute blocks at $49.00 including GST. If we have to run scans or other tools that require time to complete without our technicians interaction, this time will NOT be charged, you only pay when our technician is working. You can either pay this via Credit Card or Internet Banking.

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